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Welcome to Van Breemen Law, a dedicated criminal defense law firm serving the people of Rocklin. Attorney Doug Van Breemen founded it with the goal of providing effective, insightful and unwavering criminal defense representation to clients facing criminal charges. He is a highly experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer who spent over two decades as a criminal prosecutor, so he knows the criminal justice system inside and out. He has seen every kind of case and trial over his career, so he knows how to approach each situation and the best way to minimize the potential penalties or fines that a client is facing.

If you have been accused of a crime or are facing criminal charges, then you should consider reaching out to Doug to get the defense that you need. The sooner you act, the sooner he can begin defending you. He will sit down with you, figure out your goals and formulate a strategy to help you accomplish them.

Doug Knows How To Handle All Types Of Criminal Charges

The reality is that a criminal charge carries with it a number of penalties that go beyond those that you may face if you are convicted. You may suffer a great deal of social and reputational damage due to the mere fact that you were accused of or charged with the crime, and in many cases, even an acquittal or having the charges dropped will be insufficient to remove this stigma. That is why the best defense is a good offense and why Doug believes in taking proactive steps to try and minimize these harms by negotiating with the prosecutors to eliminate or reduce your charges. Doug can take on a number of different cases, including those involving:

With Doug, you can rely on his understanding of the criminal justice system to help you figure out how to preserve your rights and protect your freedoms. He will tell you when the prosecution is offering a good deal or when it is appropriate to push for more, and he will use his accumulated skills to come up with creative solutions to your case.

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If you are in need of a criminal defense, then you need look no further than Van Breemen Law. Doug is ready to help you protect your rights and freedoms with a serious and strategic defense. You can call his office at 916-571-9995 and you can also message him online to get in touch with him. You can get a free, confidential consultation with Doug, so do not wait to call.