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Man arrested for DUI following California crash

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2023 | CRIMINAL LAW - Drunk Driving

An individual in California was arrested after reportedly causing a fatal crash, and law enforcement authorities believe the accident was the result of drinking and driving. The wrong-way accident occurred along State Road 99 on a recent Friday morning. Two people were injured in the wreck.

How the alleged DUI accident happened

The reported California DUI accident took place at about 10:46 a.m. The California Highway Patrol said a man was driving in the wrong direction along the highway when he caused an accident involving four cars. The accident occurred when he reportedly sideswiped a car, swerved lanes and crashed into another vehicle head-on before his car caught fire. All four drivers involved in the collision suffered injuries due to the crash’s impact.

Authorities arrested the 19-year-old wrong-way driver for DUI. He was taken to the hospital for the treatment of major injuries. Another driver, said to be 27 years old, also suffered critical. The two other motorists received treatment at the crash scene after suffering minor injuries in the wreck.

Right to a defense

The man arrested for DUI may decide to fight the DUI charge at trial, where prosecutors must prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can occur. Alternatively, the man might seek a plea deal with the prosecution. This could lead to a lighter charge and sentence than what may result from a guilty verdict at trial. A California attorney can help the man choose the most personally favorable option given the circumstances surrounding the case, including the strength of the evidence the prosecution intends to present at trial to support a conviction.